How to Hire a Gas Safe Engineer 

Whether you want to hire someone who will work on your gas safety check, boiler installation, or just do a general maintenance on your gas and plumbing pipework, you have to be considerate and smart.  

Gas Safe Engineer 

Make sure that the one you hire is a registered gas safe engineer. They are qualified to work on domestic gas appliances, no matter what appliances they are. If you want to install them or do maintenance routine on your own, please do not attempt to. People who are not registered are not legal to work on installing or repairing any gas appliances.  

To avoid making any mistakes, do the following to successfully hire a gas engineer.  

Ask if Gas-Safe Registered 

Any engineer who works with gas on United Kingdom is required to be gas-safe registered. It means that whoever you want to hire should be on the official list of gas engineers who can legally work on cookers, boilers, fires and other gas appliances. You cannot DIY this thing, especially the installation and repair part.  

So when you have prospects or when you see a list of tradesmen in a website, check their Gas Safe ID card and license number. If you’re asking personally, make sure to double check. Remember that not all gas engineers are qualified to work on all gas-fueled appliances, so double check what things the tradesmen couldn’t be involved in.  

Ask About Experience 

Working on gas appliances will take not only knowledge and skills, but also experiences, lots of it. Make sure that the gas safe engineer you’re going to hire can work on the specific job or project you want done. There are many engineers who are both professional in boiler installation in Birmingham and inspection and repair.  

Choose someone who has been in the business for quite a while and who has been doing boiler installations. He should at least be accredited by different manufacturers. If you want to hire a person who focuses more on repair work or inspections, make sure you hire someone who specializes in that area. Once you’re ready to hire, ask about the photos of their recent work or contact numbers of their previous customers.  

Ask for a Detailed Estimate 

Make sure you don’t ask for an estimate or quote over the phone. The engineer should see the situation in person first before giving a detailed estimate. Make sure the engineer will go to your house to check, because explaining the situation on the phone might not cover everything because you won’t have all the necessary knowledge about it.  

Hire the one who gives you a detailed and written estimate after he checks the place, with all the costs and charges broken down. The quote includes the materials, labor charges, extra expenses and many more.  

Don’t Self-Diagnose the Issue 

When you’re talking to a gas engineer, do not try to tell him what you think about the problem. Chances are, you might have wrong diagnosis because you’re not familiar with how gas appliances work. Instead, explain to him the effects or symptoms you are experiencing.  

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